91 Project Aesthetics and Landscape Master Plan (PALM)


As part of the Riverside County Transportation Commission’s 91 Project, a Project Aesthetics and Landscape Master Plan (PALM) was developed to provide the aesthetic and landscape requirements to the design team to insure that elements are correctly incorporated into the various aspects of the project, including wall and bridge aesthetics and landscaping.

The widening of the 91 will result in a number of new bridges, the widening of existing bridges, and the addition of both sound and retaining walls to the corridor. Each of these presents an opportunity to incorporate structural aesthetic elements. There also will be landscaping opportunities, primarily at the interchanges and select areas along the corridor mainline including the western and eastern gateways to the City of Corona.

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Incorporating the City of Corona’s Agricultural Heritage into the PALM

In the early 20th century, more than one-quarter of Corona’s population was associated with the citrus industry. The area was well suited for growing lemons and other citrus trees, and packing houses flourished. According to the Corona Historic Preservation Society, at the peak of production in 1935, more than 2,400 acres of lemon groves were harvested, filling 1,138 railroad cars for market delivery. Corona became known as the “Lemon Capital of the World.”

The 91 Project will highlight Corona’s citrus heritage on structures throughout the project limits. The PALM’s thematic concept was approved in December 2013 by the Corona City Council following public input. This theme includes an art piece with a lemon and citrus flower that will be featured on walls and bridges. At the city “gateways” near the Green River Road overcrossing on the west and the Promenade Avenue overcrossing on the east, decorative fencing will be placed with lighted columns, the lemon art piece, and the city’s name spelled out in illuminated letters.

Landscaping will feature native and adapted species that require minimum water use. Plant selections include bougainvillea, lantana, California sycamore, coyote bush and others. Skyline trees also will be planted in selected areas. Recycled water will be used for irrigation. Project structures will help deter graffiti through heavily textured wall surfaces and screening of walls with trees, shrubs and vines.

Sample Images of Aesthetics and Landscaping

Western Gateway at Green River Road

Western Gateway Green River Plan Western Gateway Green River Plan Photosim Decorative Fencing Transition Decorative Fencing with Corona Name

Serfas Club Drive Interchange

Typical Interchange Plan Serfas Club Drive Typical Interchange Photosim Serfas Club Drive

Lemon and Citrus Flower Artwork

Lemon Artwork Detail Corona Artwork Pilaster

Bridge Fencing

Pedestrian Fencing on Bridge

Sound and Retaining Wall Elements

Sound Wall Retaining Wall Landscape Sketches 6'-15' Sound Wall Retaining Wall Landscape Sketches 2'-5' Sound Wall Retaining Wall Landscape Sketches 16'-30'


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